Monday, October 18, 2010

more on b.good...

I realized that I had never updated my post on b.good. Well, I'm finally doing it, as today I have even more to talk about.

I had posted a comment on their Facebook page that I love them, but that I wish they would stop carrying Coco-Cola products, especially their sodas, as that's not real food, full of HFCS, etc.

It took a couple of days, but they answered me. And it was such an honest answer, too. While I didn't save that answer, the point was that, essentially, they are too scared to alienate their customers. Customers want the Coke, so they carry it. When they feel confident enough to move away from Coke, they will. Apparently, the dd carry some Boylan's soda in their Cambridge store, but it wasn't really selling, so there is some precedent there, I guess.

So now...

I don't go there very often as of late because my train leaves too soon after my last class for me to really sit down and enjoy much. But occasionally I have a few minutes, so I like to get a chocolate shake when I have the chance. But I noticed that they make their shakes with skim milk, which I think is rather silly. If people are watching what they eat, they shouldn't be getting a chocolate shake because of the SUGAR. So I said this on their Facebook page: "I continue to love you guys...One suggestion, though, if you want even less processed food, skip the skim milk in the milkshakes! The fat helps us process the fat-soluble Vitamin D in the milk, and it's much closer to real whole food (except coming straight from a pastured cow, of course)."

If b.good is committed to real whole food, like they say they are, I think this is one small step in that direction! So this is how they replied:
"Good call, Heather. Our quest to make fast-food "real' is definitely an evolution and the more we learn, the more "real" we get. Whole milk has been added to our list of stuff to consider. If and when we add it, we'll have you to thank."

So obviously not a commitment to add whole milk, but at least they'll consider it. And them listening to their consumers like this is FANTASTIC! I hope they continue listening!

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